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eyasuyuki #Android の音楽プレイヤーでプレイリストが重複する。.m3uファイルは1つなのに、同じプレイリスト名が2つも3つも並んでいる。なんじゃこりゃ。 [2010-09-22 23:58:58]
oceant @ikikko Githubは使ったことないからわかんないや。RTMはEvernoteとCalendarで使わなくなったな。Androidアプリで使うのに(安いとはいえ)Pro登録が必要だったってのもあるけど。 [2010-09-22 23:58:55]
relzx RT @GaApps: KDDI、10月初旬に第2弾Androidスマートフォン「IS03」を発表。シャープ製の端末 http://bit.ly/akk2w7 #androidjp #kddi <a href [2010-09-22 23:58:31]
hidehara 予想よりも早いかんじ。あと三週間ぐらいってことだよね? KDDI、10月初旬に第2弾Androidスマートフォン「IS03」を発表。シャープ製の端末 http://t.co/W5rXtii via @GaApps [2010-09-22 23:58:02]
MasaruIshigami 期待。> 「Google Docs」のモバイル編集、AndroidとiPadで提供へ–数週間以内に http://j.mp/cqeBwy [2010-09-22 23:56:21]
nasastar RT @tasano: 「Google Docs」のモバイル編集、AndroidとiPadで提供へ–数週間以内に – CNET Japan http://japan.cnet.com/news/service/story/0,3800104747 [2010-09-22 23:55:28]
tasano 「Google Docs」のモバイル編集、AndroidとiPadで提供へ–数週間以内に – CNET Japan http://japan.cnet.com/news/service/story/0,3800104747,20420325,00.htm?ref=rss [2010-09-22 23:54:30]
redboot_bootleg これかなり当りますよー RT @kazubl: わーお!ありがとう! RT @kazui_jp: @kazubl ウェザーニュースのAndroidアプリ http://bit [2010-09-22 23:47:14]
barrackdo #mycomj http://j.mp/9KMRj1 モトヤ、同社フォントをAndroidオープンソースプロジェクトに提供開始 [2010-09-22 23:46:30]
fogshadow [気になる]KDDI&シャープ、Android搭載「IS03」を発表予定 http://is.gd/fn4Wk [2010-09-22 23:42:46]
kickun RT @memn0ck: #memn0ck シャープが電子書籍事業戦略を9/27(月)に発表!Android搭載端末をお披露目予定 http://bit.ly/9YzKEk [2010-09-22 23:42:39]
yamada_nt ノートにAndroidいれたわけだけど、なんていったらいいか、あの指でいじいじする部分あるじゃない。名前忘れたけど。あそこが、画面を縮小したような感じで、そこをタッチするとアプリが起動したりするわけなんだけど、画面右下のアイコンタッチしたかったら、その小さな窓をタッチなの [2010-09-22 23:38:00]
tetsuhito28 @hinaberry おやすみなさ~い。iPad調子良しです♪あとポケットWiFi って偉大だなと。。。ただAndroid ユーザーなので、アプリはiPodとの同期した分だけ(^_^;)今度、オススメ教えてー。 [2010-09-22 23:34:21]
yukotan RT @gabu: つ部 gdd2010jp 懇親会(させてください)ATNDを立てました。関東のAndroidな方宜しくお願いします! http://atnd.org/events/8224 #tsubu [2010-09-22 23:34:04]
mas_sai 買う率95% 不具合ないことを祈る RT @GaApps: KDDI、10月初旬に第2弾Androidスマートフォン「IS03」を発表。シャープ製の端末 http://bit.ly/akk2w7 #androidjp <a href="/ja/k/%23kddi" [2010-09-22 23:32:08]
srid223 @Arte8800 Androidでプッシュやると心なしか電池の減りが音速な気が… [2010-09-22 23:27:50]
saburo_isono auから脱庭しなきゃよかった…と後悔するくらいのが出てきて欲しいですね。 RT @gizmodojapan: KDDI&シャープ、Android搭載「IS03」を発表予定 http://bit.ly/b9OjEt [2010-09-22 23:26:35]
shinpipi 「Android」ってよくわからないのですが、誰か簡単に教えてくれませんか? [2010-09-22 23:26:14]
memn0ck #memn0ck iPhone/iPod touch向け「ATOK」搭載メモアプリが登場!Android版「ATOK」も11月提供見込み http://bit.ly/d8nQEt [2010-09-22 23:25:15]
brzm505 でも近づいてる感じヒシヒシw RT @hamana1971 はい。RT @brzm505: 4日は本決まりじゃない? RT @hamana1971 RT @Bondancer [2010-09-22 23:22:16]
axcel_rss [hatena antenna] モトヤ、同社フォントをAndroidオープンソースプロジェクトに提供開始 | クリエイティブ | マイコミジャーナル http://bit.ly/c1YdhM [2010-09-22 23:21:39]
wkyshtr セカイカメラからリリースされた「CooKoo」って、鳩ゲーまんまだね。おもしろそうだけど、これもAndroid版はまだなのね… [2010-09-22 23:21:27]
yamamototarou1 auの秋冬モデルの発表はいつあるんやろう!特にスマフォンは気になる。シャープからAndroidで、iphoneライクでワンセグが使えるのがでるという噂をネットでみたけど本当かな? [2010-09-22 23:19:01]
kodomari ホントだ。Dropbox、アップデートしようとするとDLできないって出る。なので、PCでDLしてDropboxで携帯に転送・インストールするという(笑) QT @chromepencil: DropBox Android 1.0をリリース http://bit.ly/9FdRWr [2010-09-22 23:15:05]
Galaxy_JP DropBox Android 1.0をリリース: Android MarketにDropBox Android 1.0がリリースされた。先日紹介した、Android DropBox… http://bit.ly/a2Dlq6 #androidjp [2010-09-22 23:14:21]
piiiika AndroidよりUstream上でライブ配信中! : http://ustre.am/de0S [2010-09-22 23:12:21]
Bondancer これは!RT @deg84: ついにきたか。au本命Android「IS03」 RT KDDI、10月初旬に第2弾Androidスマートフォン「IS03」を発表。シャープ製の端末 http://t.co/IRIQwpD via @GaApps [2010-09-22 23:10:48]
Gotta love Android. :P [2010-09-22 13:25:36]
dad2nji RT @vecdroid: Android users, are you using Pandora Radio? http://bit.ly/aHTrwP [2010-09-22 23:59:47]
Ratkat RT @mmbman: I currently own almost every iOS device for testing. Here’s what I’d need for Android: “@applespotlight: http [2010-09-22 23:59:46]
AndroidBelgium EphemeridroidSource : Android-Software.fr http://android-belgium.com/a/5258 [2010-09-22 23:59:17]
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BBCasper Tips to maximize battery life on Android http://bit.ly/dtNhJE [2010-09-22 23:58:27]
djc3zar @Carolannteo all Android phones has to be touch screen. But it has a qwerty keyboard for easy typing. [2010-09-22 23:57:40]
androidosblog T-Mobile UK to release Android 2.2 update for Galaxy S by September end http://dlvr.it/5k7dc #Handsets #UK [2010-09-22 23:57:32]
droidfeed What Android device is right for you?: When you take a look at our list of Android phones it’s easy to get… http://goo.gl/fb/8wWFE #android [2010-09-22 23:57:20]
Threlkeldjr @AndroidFeens do you know anything about the cm6 for the n1 I can’t download any of those new Google apps for some reason [2010-09-22 23:57:09]
Smart_Droid New Post – ZT-180 10 Inch Android 2.1 Tablet MID with 1GHz CPU, 256M DDR. Read it now at http://adf.ly/75E7 [2010-09-22 23:56:59]
itzaggatii RT @Lifehacker: Dropbox BlackBerry Now Available for All, Android and iOS Apps Get Updates http://lifehacker.com/5644839/ [2010-09-22 23:56:22]
oobi I wasn’t crazy about the Sense UI, but this might change my mind. RT @AndroidGuys: HTC’s Demo Videos for the Sense UI http://dlvr.it/5jvWD [2010-09-22 23:56:18]
AndroidDose @AndroidFeens hahaha ummm no that would be bad for the fuel budget its bad enough :P [2010-09-22 23:54:35]
escmymind RT @TheNextWeb: Rumor: Motorola Droid T2 to be world’s first Android Gingerbread smartphone http://tnw.to/16oqt by @m4tt [2010-09-22 23:49:59]
optedoblivion RT @jeagoss: Everyone that helped in the DDOS fix and cleanup. @TheDudesAndroid update hammer, @optedoblivion narrowi [2010-09-22 23:48:22]
moaz Kevin Fox: The First Step to Fixing the Android Marketplace Has Nothing to Do With the Android Marketplace http://j.mp/aEbQYH [2010-09-22 23:48:07]
DhilipSiva_And #Android #Google HTC Evo and Droid Incredible to receive new HTC Sense UI http://bit.ly/bGyX9V #DhilipSiva [2010-09-22 23:47:57]
neilglassman Radio Apps for iPhone and Android Get Social http://mbist.ro/bLo9Mf @SocialTimes @moblico <a href="http://twitter.com [2010-09-22 23:45:31]
rjv Why in the world would any Verizon-Android user pay to use VZ Navigator? That boggles my mind. #droidx [2010-09-22 23:45:25]
TheNextWebUS Rumor: Motorola Droid T2 to be world’s first Android Gingerbread smartphone http://tnw.to/16oqu by @m4tt [2010-09-22 23:44:38]
TNWgoogle Rumor: Motorola Droid T2 to be world’s first Android Gingerbread smartphone http://tnw.to/16oqt by @m4tt [2010-09-22 23:44:35]
OGROMANIA @MrJayManuel tour hair is beautiful likes as Android . [2010-09-22 23:44:01]
frankvanhuet RT @PingChat: Check out PingChat! It lets iOS/Android/BB users send instant messages/pictures/videos to your phone! http://www.PingChat.com [2010-09-22 23:43:12]
droidmill #android , #app iGirls for Android: Thousands of hot sexy girls online. Set wallpaper as… http://goo.gl/fb/46WCI [2010-09-22 23:42:39]
droidmilltop #android , #app Speeddialer 2.0: New version adds support for Android 2.0 and higher. A… http://goo.gl/fb/Bpgvb [2010-09-22 23:42:35]
droidmilltop #android , #app Nyorozo-Timer: Nyorozo-Timer is the game clock for Android Phone. This tool… http://goo.gl/fb/WDY9O [2010-09-22 23:42:33]
thDigitalReader Taxan Meopad shows you why Android is not the be-all and end-all fo OS http://bit.ly/cp11FX [2010-09-22 23:39:57]
Gemist @JeroKuhne Hmm. En m.uitzendinggemist.nl al geprobeerd? Raden we in principe aan voor Android, werkt goed! [2010-09-22 23:39:56]
madsciontist RT @Androlute: HTC Evo and Droid Incredible to receive new HTC Sense UI – http://bit.ly/cjDXQR #Android [2010-09-22 23:39:23]
scott_cover Just going to say, attempting to make an original Blackberry Storm somewhat usable for an Android user with a lost phone is a pain. [2010-09-22 23:39:05]
bholdman Photo: AppBrain Android Market – find the best Android Apps and Games http://tumblr.com/xpojaxunb [2010-09-22 23:38:29]
davidds RT A very nice update to the Droid X. @Droid_News: Video: DROID X Android 2.2 Walkthrough http://bit.ly/dyXlOa | #Droid <a href="/e [2010-09-22 23:38:09]
tubagus99 The Difference Between AMOLED and SLCD Screens | AndroidGuys http://bit.ly/dkfjgg [2010-09-22 23:37:14]
Mavr3k Dropbox BlackBerry Now Available for All, Android and iOS Apps Get Updates [Updates]: … http://bit.ly/8ZaiIn [2010-09-22 23:37:06]
NewBaySoftware New Android phone on UK market with Orange. £99 pounds for "Orange San Francisco" with ePhoto application delivered by NewBay! [2010-09-22 23:36:43]
azzcatdesign RT @wpbeginner WooThemes to make their Themes iPhone and Android Compatible http://bit.ly/aJ4aWL [2010-09-22 23:35:49]
Droid_Phone FileMaker Go Update Adds PDF Creation Tools http://bit.ly/cULZDo | #Droid #Android [2010-09-22 23:34:20]
voiceofid RT @Androlute: HTC Evo and Droid Incredible to receive new HTC Sense UI – http://bit.ly/cjDXQR #Android [2010-09-22 23:33:29]
BrettArchibald The first step to fixing the Android Marketplace has nothing to do with the Android Marketplace: http://bit.ly/9TYdVV [2010-09-22 23:33:09]
newtonaaron Oracle to webify mobile Java against Android http://bit.ly/9LD7fp [2010-09-22 23:32:09]
pocketnowtweets Check out our library of Windows Phone 7 preview videos… comparisons with iPhone, Android, and more! http://is.gd/eNlxr [2010-09-22 23:30:45]
kev_mcdougall RT @TechCrunch: Dropbox Updates Apps for Android, iOS; Launches App Directory And BlackBerry App http://tcrn.ch/cJUQm8 by [2010-09-22 23:30:24]
sarwatJ RT @siliconangle SiliconANGLE — Blog — Updated Gmail App for Android is More Like the Desktop Vers.. http://bit.ly/aSDWGB [2010-09-22 23:29:17]
moonfruit @MarkMcGuireKCS We do render in HTML. The Flash exclusion on iPhone is down to Mr Jobs though… Our sites look great on Android handsets. [2010-09-22 23:28:59]
MadamMediaMogul The iPhone, Android Get Radio Apps http://bit.ly/bbrvl8 #Apple #technews #business <a href="http://ow.ly/1976fH" [2010-09-22 23:28:04]
aseanMobile Google Gmail for Android Gets Priority Inbox Support: Google’s new Gmail for Android adds limited support for the … http://bit.ly/arJW3J [2010-09-22 23:27:58]
bestcopydotnet Massive surge in iPhone and Android application development: Today, smart phones are the most sought after gadgets… http://bit.ly/cehWGu [2010-09-22 23:26:55]
shortsaledn RT @ruhanirabin: 10+ Apps to boost up your brand new #Android Phone http://j.mp/8Xw4Ak #rr5 [2010-09-22 23:26:23]
neildarlow Bought a 100GBP ZTE Racer Android phone. It has a superb feature set for the price. It looks/feels good and performs responsively. I like it [2010-09-22 23:25:30]
marchelgeboers Android forms basis of Thales IFEC: Thales shows us its new Android-based in-flight entertainment and connectivity… http://bit.ly/bITgEK [2010-09-22 23:24:47]
iSaveMoreNow Google Docs coming to #iPad, Android – http://newzfor.me/?7xhh [2010-09-22 23:23:20]
Thomas_Meijer RT @Lifehacker: Dropbox BlackBerry Now Available for All, Android and iOS Apps Get Updates http://bit.ly/c0CrT4 // Die ga ik checken!! [2010-09-22 23:23:13]
ThicHipsToya RT @keem773 @ThicHipsToya LOL i support the slap movement ha ha ha. Smack her with your phone #TeamAndroid (haha!* ayyyyyE!) [2010-09-22 23:22:21]
normzrib RT @phandroid: Dropbox Updates their Android App http://bit.ly/dajGsR [2010-09-22 23:21:29]
xoopia Nokia EVP Anssi Vanjoki: switching to Android is like peeing in …: Oh, Anssi, you crazy kid. In an… http://bit.ly/a78Bay #xoopia #android [2010-09-22 23:20:59]
androhack U.S. News: Google Docs Editing Reaches Apple iPad, Android: 22, 2010 Google this week said it will soon la… http://bit.ly/drHtfI #android [2010-09-22 23:20:11]
MetalSamurai The Register – Vodafone pulls 360 trick on Froyo hungry users http://bit.ly/bqZe4g //Reminder: Android is "open" for mfrs/telcos NOT users [2010-09-22 23:20:03]
mscer Android Application keep grow http://retwt.me/1NP2J #Android #Apple #Google #Itunes [2010-09-22 23:19:33]
tsahil Why I Prefer Android Phones over the iPhone http://bit.ly/alDMx2 (by @filos) [2010-09-22 23:18:55]
KnowYourMobile T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S getting Android 2.2: Samsung Galaxy S users on T-Mobile will be getting the Android 2.2 … http://bit.ly/c2vMsO [2010-09-22 23:18:46]
hyperous @burnflare @ryrq Yes, include Android in that. [2010-09-22 23:15:06]
Gomzblanc RT @phonescooper So far, the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Droid X has taken 40 mins. First the download and (cont) http://tl.gd/65e3g8 [2010-09-22 23:14:31]
fredabramson Android Gmail app gets an update, but only for phones running Froyo http://bit.ly/b5pBwi [2010-09-22 23:14:19]
trodrigues Android users: has facebook contact sync been working for you lately ? [2010-09-22 23:13:51]
WebWhy #Dropbox #BlackBerry Now Available for All, #Android and #iOS Apps Get #Updates [Updates] <a href="ht [2010-09-22 23:13:43]
iMechanics Lifehacker: Dropbox BlackBerry Now Available for All, Android and iOS Apps Get Updates [Updates]: … http://bit.ly/8ZaiIn [2010-09-22 23:13:27]
lifehackerfull Dropbox BlackBerry Now Available for All, Android and iOS Apps Get Updates [Updates]: … http://bit.ly/agQVLw unofficial account [2010-09-22 23:13:26]
DigitalNinjaStL Digital Ninja: Dropbox BlackBerry Now Available for All, Android and iOS Apps Get Updates [Upd... http://bit.ly/agQVLw -digitalninjastl.com [2010-09-22 23:13:17]
bkuberek RT Cloud to device messaging ! (Push Notifications in Android terms)   http://bit.ly/ae41wa  [2010-09-22 23:12:03]
jheffernan13 RT @everythingdroid: Follow Android news like a hawk? Interested in writing guides or reviews? We’re hiring! http://bit.ly/cu4F5l Please RT [2010-09-22 23:10:57]
Chris_Skinner According to Google, 200,000 Android devices are activated EVERY DAY [2010-09-22 23:10:57]
JHills14 Virgin mobile to get Samsung Intercept as first Android phone! Launching very soon [2010-09-22 23:10:49]
rickywn936 Droid X users finally get Android 2.2: Their Droid, Droid 2, and Droid Incredible brethren have been enjoying the … http://bit.ly/9ZNWw1 [2010-09-22 23:10:32]